We are community lead by volunteer teams and believe that we are all called to minister to one another.


We put the highest value on Community and want to explore what it looks like to develop an honest community here at BCM.  We’re not about just meeting for the sake of meeting, but rather, we’re interested in exploring stories, understanding we’re all strong in some areas and weak in others, and we are determined to seek the redemption that God is about in His BIG story.  

If you’re looking for a place to connect, we would love to connect with you. So come join us and discover how you can train your spirit to Love God and Love Others.

Sunday Mornings

A visitor to BCM on Sunday could encounter what appears to be a “standard” church service. Other Sundays we may engage in time for participatory practices, small groups, shared meals, or other activities that may be atypical for many churches.

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The Way Forward

The Way Forward is a place of refuge for wanderers, wonderers and those with a desire to reimagine, rebuild, and resurrect a faith worth living.



SCY (Summit County Youth)

SCY (Summit County Youth) offers a safe place for students to “Be Known, Be Loved, and Belong”.  At SCY get-togethers and events, students connect with other SCY friends and mentors, developing relationships that last a lifetime. 



Throughout the year different members of the community will often lead or arrange studies on books, films, the Bible, or other elements in an effort to engage in meaningful spiritual growth through group study.